● To be leading poultry company in its chosen market segment
● To feed population of Indonesia


● Total Customer Satisfaction
● Profitable growth
● A robust financial performance
● Commitment to safety, health and friendly environment
● On time Delivery



The Group believes it is able to remain competitive and to increase its market share. Our competitive advantage are as follows:

  • The Feedmill plant is strategically located near the port and farmers
  • As a fully integrated poultry group which produces various feed and commercial DOC, it emphasizes on quality control and cost effectiveness of each production cycle.
  • 'Malindo' brand name associated with good quality products and after-sales service. it has established its name through-out the poultry industry.
  • Posses a team of dedicated professionals having over 20 years of experience regionally in the poultry and feedmill industry.
  • Possess state of the art technology including strict Bio-security.
  • All process in feedmill are computerised giving maximum production and reduces wastages. In addition, all raw material were sourced locally.